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Custom Home Painting Tips


House painting has an essential role in a newly constructed custom home. You probably opted to have a custom home so you can personalize everything to your liking. Including the paint colours, of course! Custom home builders usually take care of the painting as the painting are typically included in the package. Yet, you still have the final say about the paints and feels that you aspire. After reading this article, who will have comprehensive knowledge about custom home painting.

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The idea of having custom-pick paint colors for your walls, ceilings, hallways are pretty sound exciting to do. And you would probably wonder how to maintain the paint application effective and long-lasting. Here are some useful tips to equip you as you look after any house painting task for your custom home.

Hire a skilled house painter or DIY

Supposed it’s not included in the custom home package, and you are struggling to decide whether to hire a custom house painter or do it by yourself? As a piece of friendly advice to the homeowners who have settled a specific budget, obtain cost-effectiveness, and want to see satisfying results. It’s better to hire professionals because they know the best. However, DIYs are alternative for those who don’t want to spend huge expenses or those who want to test their creative skills.

Please keep it safe

The custom home painting job is not safe as you think. Prioritize the health and safety of custom house painters and your family. It is recommended that you consider choosing paint products with low or no VOC levels. Paints with volatile organic compounds produce harmful airborne solvents as they dry up. Strong VOC paint fumes trigger several violent reactions affecting the bodies, especially our health. 

A painted bedroom of a custom home in Barrie, Ontario.

Choose the right paint color for your custom home

Picking up the best color might sounds challenging. The guide lists below are some takeaways you may consider in your paint application.

  • Apply paint color based on your personal preference, such as your style, mood, personality, or most favorite color.
  • Use the color wheel as your real preference.
  • Choose between warm or cool colors depending on the vibes you want.
  • Pick neutral paint colors such as white, gray, brown, or black.
  • Consider the lighting enhancement to make your room brighter.

Check some wall paint color inspirations here.

Show off your creativeness through paints

Plain paint colors are dull if you don’t apply any designs. Why not follow the hottest trend? Spice up your creativity through paints by using stencils on your bedroom or living room area. Or you may consider combining two or three colors making an sombre effect. Another unique idea is using patterns like polka dots or striped lines. Experimenting is not wrong, so have fun playing with your paint applications as long as you love what you see in results.

House Painter Considerate of Your Health

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