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How to Paint your Home’s Interior Doors and Trims


Painting your Home’s Interior Doors and Trims

Do you want to learn how to paint a door and trim efficiently like a pro? Painting interior doors and trims with these simple tips are a breeze and will give you the professional finish you desire!

A professional painter contractor taught us how to paint a door and trims, including the proper order for painting paneled interior doors. The results are far superior to when we used simply painting skills from top to bottom.

Over the years, as this painting service was established, we also experimented with various painting tools and methods to figure out what works best, so today, we will share with you our how-to guide for painting interior doors and trims like a pro! 

Before you start, make sure to:

1. Choose the best paint colour for your interior door and trims.

2. Prepare all needed painting tools and materials.

3. Ready your doors and trims before you start painting.

Helpful Tips for your Doors and Trims Painting Projects

  • Don’t remove your door right away, no matter how tempting it is. Determine the space between your door and the frame when it is closed. If the fit is tight, you may need to sand the edges to allow additional paint coats. It’s a simple trick that can produce a significant impact.
  • After that, you can start removing your handles and anything else that sticks out, such as coat hooks. Wedge the door securely with a couple of door stops while you remove the hinges.

Pro tip: Leave one screw on each hinge to support the door’s weight and make removal easier.

  • Lay the door flat across sawhorse pairs, chairs, or even a table once it has been removed from its hinges. Before painting, thoroughly clean the surface with Selleys®’ Original Sugar Soap.
  • If your door has already been painted with enamel, lightly sand it until the shine has faded. Wipe away the dust, and then undercoat the door with Dulux 1 Step® Primer Sealer Undercoat before applying a topcoat.
  • Stir your paint to ensure that the colour is consistent throughout the paint can. Paint the mullions first, then the main panels, then the rails, then the styles, and finally the edges with a synthetic brush. In other words, begin with the shortest panels and work your way up to the most extended modules. When the door has dried completely, flip it over and repeat the process.

Pro tip: Work quickly to prevent the paint from drying and streaking.

  • Before applying a second coat, lightly sand your door with 360 grit sandpaper and thoroughly wipe down the surface.
  • And you’re finished! Clean up the mess with proper paint disposal methods and enjoy your new look.

Pro tip: Learn about how you dispose of the paint properly.

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