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House Painting in Barrie: How much does it cost?


So, you’ve finally considered making a slight revamp in your space. You probably can’t pursue big-time renovations yet, but you’re eager to concretize the feels you longed from a newly painted home. So, you’re opting for house repainting, and stuck with “how much would it cost?”

Pricing for paint services varies from one painter to another and from one city to another. Some apply hourly rates based on an estimate of the duration of the work, while others express their rate per meter square, depending on the area they wish to be painted. Cost also depends on the type of paint to use. Oil-based or not? Washable or not? 

In choosing which type of paint, consider also the function of the area. Whether it’s your bedroom, living, or your kitchen. Whether it is acrylic paint, gloss, matte, glycero, lime, or other kinds of paint.

How much does it cost to paint a house in Ontario?

The residential house paintings in Barrie usually range between $3,000 – $5,000. The interior house painting is typically measured by square foot amounting to $1 – $3  per foot. Rates include 1$ per square foot for walls only, 2$ per square foot for walls and ceilings, and 3$ per square foot for walls ceilings trim, and doors. Quality paint is typically 50-80$ a gallon depending on how high of quality paint you are looking to use on the job. 

Depending on the actual area, painting costs for each specified home area.

Bedroom Small-sized bathroom costs between $220 – $270, while a huge bathroom ranges from $360 – $450.
Hallway For an average size of residential homes in Barrie it costs $900 – $1,300. On the other hand, bigger hallways with large amounts of space costs $2,500 – $3,600.
Bathroom Bedrooms with small spaces usually have the price of $360 – $450. In contrast, a master bedroom will cost between $650 – $750.
Kitchen, dens, dining, and living rooms Worth $350 – $500 in the average rooms depending on the calculated square footage in the area. While at least $800 – $900 in majestic spaces.
Exterior and interior walls Worth $2500 – $3,500 in single-story house. While a two-floored house ranges from $4,200 – $6,000.
Trims, doors, and windows With a price of $500 – $1,000 that usually includes two coats of quality white paints (including baseboards).
Ceilings The total amount of house painting cost for the ceiling usually ranges from $800 – $1,100.
Walk-in closets Small walk-in closets in residential homes of Barrie commonly range between $60 – $100. Meanwhile, enormous walk-in closets have an average price of $150 – $400.

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