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How Do I Estimate Commercial Painting Costs


How to Estimate Commercial Painting Costs

You’re probably wondering on “How do I Estimate Commercial Painting Costs?” One wouldn’t want to spend on something beyond his or her budget, or at least, generally speaking. The same holds true in commercial painting costs. Accurate estimation is vital for any contracted projects, like home improvement and painting. As a professional painter who gets asked for quotes and costs, I try to be as realistic and accurate as possible. In this blog, I will be sharing some pointers in estimating commercial painting costs. You may also read other helpful blogs here.

Commercial Painting Costs

Measuring the area

In measuring the area, square footage is the typical unit used. A surface area is wall height multiplied by width, in square foot. Get the surface area of each wall, then add the numbers to get the total square footage. In another way, you can also calculate the entire surface areas, then subtract the square footage of the areas that you don’t have to paint on those walls, like doors and windows

Estimating paint quantity

Typically, you can anticipate one paint gallon to cover 400 square feet of smooth surface. If the surface is finished, one gallon will cover more like 300 square feet. Finished walls will, in general, absorb a lot more paint. Do the computations, as clarified above, to decide the number of gallons you should purchase. Make sure to double your numbers if it appears likely that the walls will profit by a double coat.

Specifying the labour cost

It’s crucial to know how long painters should take to finish a task and precisely calculate labour costs. Ensure that you include the wall prep. If you have at any point painted yourself, you know how long it requires the painting preparation process in the correct way. Caulking, wall repairs and sanding are pretty daunting tasks. However, all are fundamental for a quality result you will be satisfied with.

As in house painting, interior painting for commercial spaces is typical $1 – $3  per foot. Rates include 1$ per square foot for walls only, 2$ per square foot for walls and ceiling. Excellent quality paint, for the most part, costs between $50-$75per gallon. Generally speaking, better paints cost higher.

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