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How to Stain a Deck: Step-by-Step


One of the most efficient ways to maintain your deck stay attractively is by staining it regularly. The main reason why you need to take good care of it to protect from rough weather conditions such as rain and sun, which can make your deck damage easily. Plus, it is also prone to elements that can ruin the appearance, including liquid spills, chemical exposure, improper scrapings, sharp objects, and animal paws scratches. If you wish to obtain your deck’s healthy condition, this article will guide you step-by-step on how to stain a deck.

Friendly advice to consider: Before you start staining your deck, check the weather forecast. The unpleasant weather condition can be a hindrance that will give you an unsuccessful result. Check the perfect time for an efficient drying process. It must be two consecutive days between 50 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit with a low or average humidity level. Hence, working it under direct sunlight might be a bad idea. The applied stain can dry quickly before the wood absorption.

Step 1: Clean and prepare the deck surface

Make sure to remove all furniture or any items on the deck before you begin the cleaning task. Then, perform sanding on the deck. After the sanding process, sweep out the debris. It must be dirt and dust-free to adhere to the stain properly.

If the deck has old paint in it, the old paints should be removed first by sanding. The ideal sandpaper to use is those with fine-grit, such as 120- or 150- grit.

However, in most cases, decks are bare wood when subjected to exterior painting projects. Thus, cleaning them entails washing them with the use of a deck brush and water and being left to dry for a day.

Similarly, if your deck is weathered, flaky, and shabby, you may need to pressure wash it. Just a reminder, set the pressure as lowest as possible to prevent damage.

Step 2: Cover nearby plants and exterior walls

Cover your nearby plants and shrubs with plastic covers to prevent the accidental stain. Also, apply painter’s tape with papers or plastic sheets to the surroundings you don’t want to get stained, especially the exterior walls on every side of your deck. After taping off the surfaces, plan which part is the starting and ending point for easy exit access to avoid getting trapped in the center or corner of the newly stained deck.

Step 3: Apply stain

Get a drop cloth and place the tray above it to fill the stain. Ensure that your purchased stain products are perfectly matched with the color of your deck. Stir and mix it up thoroughly using a paint stirrer to make sure no bubbles are formed. Pick the right staining tool; the best to use are deck brushes. Apply thin coats on the top surfaces of your deck. Then, put in whether clear sealers or semitransparent stains. Repeat the application of stain until it gives a perfect look.

Lastly, let it dry for 24 hours before you put back the furniture into their respective place.

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