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Project Showcase: Painting Service in Barrie


The Highlights of Our Painting Service in Barrie

A bathroom with fresh repaint by Change of Colour Painting, a painting service in Barrie.
A bathroom we repainted in Barrie. We repainted all walls, ceilings, and trims.
A repainted small room by Change of Colour Painting, painting service in Barrie.
A small room we repainted in Barrie. This room was originally all red; the white wainscotting is a great touch.

About the Painting Contractor

The Change of Colour Painting is a painting contractor company duly registered in Cookstown, Ontario but has been serving different areas in the north of the Greater Toronto Area. We are primarily serving Barrie, Ontario, but can cater to residences and businesses in Orillia, Burks Falls, Horseshoe Valley, Newmarket, Muskoka, Elmvale, Richmond Hill, and Ajax. We have served tens of clients for a hundred painting projects since establishment in 2018.

What Makes Barrie A Liveable City?

Barrie is one of the fastest-growing cities in Canada in recent years, and there’s no wonder why. As the TourismBarrie brags about, “Ours is a City where you can connect with opportunity, with neighbors, and with nature.” 

Barrie’s natural environment allows you to enjoy beaches, hiking trails, and cycling paths. You won’t run out of got-to for fishing, boating, skiing, snowmobiling, and snowshoeing. Horseshoe Valley is just a few minutes away. Plus, favorably-situated for day trips to Blue Mountain or St. Louis Moonstone. Barrie is a star city to set foot on the best resorts in Southern Ontario.

As for summer activities, the beaches in the city, like Centennial Park, are as lively and hearty as in Wasaga. Not to mention the fun activities you can do as you explore Lake Simcoe.

Barrie has a booming industry

In terms of the economy, Barrie’s tourism industry is booming. Other businesses are making Barrie their home base, making it one of the fastest-growing cities in Ontario. It has a bustling economy; its unemployment rate has fallen. Considering the proximity to Toronto, you also have the option to live in Barrie but work in Toronto

Barrie is one of the safest city

In terms of safety, Barrie is consistently rated as one of the safest cities in Canada. According to Statistics Canada, the city has been in the top six safest cities in the not-so-distant past and has held the top spot for three years straight before dropping to number two in 2016. Police records in 2019 are indicative that Barrie is one of the Top 5 safest metropolitan areas in Canada, with a 53.1 Crime Severity Index, which is way lower than the national average of 75.

Real estate sales records indicate that Barrie is increasingly becoming a home for many people. The MLS® System of the Barrie & District Association of REALTORS® recorded a total of 464 units sold in November 2020. This is a 13.2% from November 2019. Over the first 11 months of the year, home sales improved by 22.2 from the same period in 2019.

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Whether you’re up for recreational activities, a viable investment, or a safe environment to raise your family, Barrie is a clear contender to become your new place of residence. Barrie has excellent educational premises and health care facilities, too. A highly-liveable city in Ontario, indeed!

Looking for a painting service in Barrie?

Should you move to Barrie and consider bringing a personality to your newly-bought house before settling in, we might be of help! House painting is what we do best. Check what our customers say about our work! Testimonials here. Get in touch with us or call us at 705-279-2557 to get a free estimate!