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6 Things To Ask Before Hiring A Painting Contractor


So you consider hiring a painting contractor? Were you able to notice more and more your house walls? Seeing eyesores on your wall paints such as cracks, corrosions, holes, and other unwanted sights. Or you feel sick of being out of style wall paint surroundings. Finally, you are decided to get painting contractors to do the house painting projects for the upgrade of your indoor and outdoor surroundings.

In this content, we will tackle the questions you need to ask your painting contractors for the assurance of how they will successfully finish their house painting projects. This will be your helpful guide for interviewing a painting contractor.

1. As a painting contractor, what credentials your company has?

Ask the credibility, certifications, and licenses of the painting company before you settle down with them. It’s a way of earning your trust and how reputable their painting company was. As a painter, you do not have to secure a license to paint, just a business license to operate.  

2. How many satisfied customers and house painting projects you finished?

Doing the background check will help you to know how effective their workmanship is. The number of successful stories and feedbacks from their past customers shows that they provided high-quality services.

3. Can you estimate the time of how long you will do the house painting projects?

Distinguish their time frame if they can finish the house painting projects as soon as possible in a fast-paced manner and high productivity level. If they can finish the job early, it allows you to do some important errands for your house improvement.

4. How do you prepare before starting house painting projects?

The reason why you need to know their preparations is to ensure the efficient workmanship and collaboration of their teams. It is also a way to know how they secure the safety of their painting jobs on the site.

5. What type of paint will you use for house painting projects?

It is important to know what kind of paint they will use for house painting projects. It enables you to do some research about the paint products they will use to know if the products are long-lasting and high quality. Please take note that no-to-low VOC paints are generally good for the health.

6. Can I get a workmanship warranty?

Painting companies usually don’t offer a warranty. But, a reputable painting company will do back up their jobs to ensure quality service. Before settling with the painting contractor, be sure to get provided warranty details from them.

Do you need assistance with your house painting projects?

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