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There are many things to consider when it’s time to paint or repaint your establishment. Aside from that,  you will need to find the right commercial painter and time to do the job with minimal impact on your business or company’s operations.

Commercial painting projects like these can take up  a large amount of time considering the size of the establishment. Furthermore, your business must continue normal operations throughout from the start to finish of the project. Here at Change of Colour, we all know that no business can afford downtime caused by a painting project. We will work with you to ensure your paint project and your business can keep moving forward with minimal disruptions.

Any type of commercial painting project is an important  undertaking that requires skill and experience. Commercial painting contractors should have the expertise and the tools to do the job right to  keep projects moving forward on time. 

Change of Colour has the professional commercial painter you need with experience when it comes to commercial painting. We always listen to our clients and work to exceed their expectations. Whenever you need a local commercial painter in your area,  you can contact us for your interior and exterior commercial painting project needs.

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It’s essential to keep your company or commercial building looking professional and welcoming to protect your investment. To clients, consumers, and staff, the appearance of a company is critical. People’s perceptions of a building will be tainted if it seems to be filthy or poorly maintained. Applying a fresh coat of paint as appropriate is part of the ongoing maintenance.

It’s easier to get the commercial painting services you need with a Change of Colour. Our commercial painters and contractors in Barrie area are available when you need them, offering a broad range of services to suit your needs.


Commercial painting is something special we do. Change of Colour will complete your commercial painting project on time and budget, regardless of the size of the job—whether it’s a single room or an entire office building—we can finish it safely and efficiently without disturbing your workday.

We’ll complete the task and make sure you’re delighted with the results. Change of Colour always does our best to deliver the service you want promptly. We will amaze you at how quickly and easily you can transform your office and workspace. We have extensive experience painting the interior and exterior of various forms of companies.

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We offer various commercial services offered and handled with great care by our highly-skilled  and experienced professional. We always get the job done right in timely fashion, quality, efficiency, and precision. We coordinate the best schedule for the project to minimize or avoid disrupting our client’s business. We provide a smooth, efficient experience from the start of the project until the end while handling each project with expertise at an affordable price.

When you want a job done right in Orillia, Barrie, New Market, Alliston, or in Innisfil, call us. We are one of the best commercial painters near you, dedicated to delivering quality workmanship to every project we take whenever and wherever.  With us being here at your service, you can count on us. Contact us today for a free estimate!

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At Change of Colour, we pride ourselves on our quality commercial painting work. Our commercial painter always ensures attention to detail is at the highest of our list for every home we paint.

As experts in Residential and Commercial Painting, we know that painting office buildings and commercial premises are time-consuming, work that needs to be done right, unobtrusively, and quickly. Employing an experienced and reliable Commercial Painter ensures your commercial premises will look their very best, no matter what the weather or the occupants dish out.

We treat every commercial paint job as if we were working on our own offices, with care and diligence. We’ll be happy to provide you with many examples of our past work and put you in touch with our past clients, so you can get confirmation of how well we do our commercial paintwork.

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There is nothing more important to us than your satisfaction. We are flexible and available for you if you ever have any questions about our services. We offer professional services for commercial, residential, exterior, and interior painting. We are always ready to meet all of your commercial painting needs.