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Basic Preparations For DIY Interior Painting Project


One of the easiest jobs for house painters is doing interior painting projects. But not all house painting tasks become successful or with satisfying results. Sometimes it brings us a disappointing outcome not because of the color choice relative to interior design, but because of ill-preparations leading to hard-to-reverse damages.

A person ready for interior painting project facing the wall, holding a paint roller

Keep in mind that preparation always matters. It is a vital step to start with proper planning and preparation before doing daunting tasks. If you are doing the interior painting by yourself,  these are the basic preparation: 

1. Inspect the target area for interior painting

This is how you begin the preparation. Take a glance at the moment, walk-through, and do some inspections in the targeted interior painting area. The purpose of this simple preparation task is it allows you to determine the problems, what things necessary to move, and how will you cover the large and small furniture.

A person ready for interior painting project facing the wall, holding a paint roller

2. Move and cover the furniture

A man and woman moving a sofa for interior painting project

Every homeowner doesn’t want to get stained with paint in their precious furniture, we all know that and even you. One of the most important parts of doing interior painting preparation is to move and cover. Move the furniture to the center area to avoid the paint drips, Cover it with used newspapers or plastic sheets and tape it to the bottom to secure.

3. Clean the interior walls

A man scrubbing the wall for an interior painting project

Another interior painting preparation is to clean the walls. Once you finished moving and covering all furniture in the targeted indoor painting project, you can now clean the walls by using a vacuum cleaner, washing it, or using a dry towel to remove all residue. It’s also necessary to remove the old paints or wall plates.

4. Cover the floor

A folded canvas of drop cloth for interior painting drip protection

When you plan to paint a ceiling, you must secure the floor ground to avoid paint drips and stains. Cover it with either newspaper or plastic covers. If you have a large canvas drop cloth, it will be the best option to use. It is convenient to use unlike newspapers or plastic cover they stay still without taping it. It also prevents the ladder to slip.

5. Prepare ladders and scaffolds

A painter holding a ladder

Make use of ladders and scaffolds as they allow you to reach higher areas and ceilings. But of course, you need to secure its stability before using it to avoid accidents.

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DIY projects are good for the pocket and for the soul, but DIY is not for everyone. Should your DIY interior painting project flop, Mitch of Change of Colour Painting can save the day! Change of Colour Painting is primarily serving Barrie, Ontario, but can cater to residences and businesses in Orillia, Burks Falls, Horshoe Valley, Newmarket, Muskoka, Elmvale, Richmond Hill, and Ajax. Contact them for a free quote thru 705-279-2557.