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Choosing Wall Paint Colours For Your Home


Choosing the right wall paint colours in your interior or exterior designs might be challenging. Many considerations affect your decision. Whether you’re a homeowner, a home renovation specialist, DIYers, or a house painter, you must think about it carefully. 

What colour should I choose to paint the interior and exterior of my house? How can I select a perfect wall paint colour for my house? What colour combinations would be best to paint your house? These are the common questions asked by most homeowners before jumping to a house painting revamp project. In this article, we hope to guide you on how to choose the right wall paint colour for your house.

Here are some considerations in finding and choosing for the right color:

Matching up with your architectural designs

Add accent by matching up with architectural features. If the furnishes like your built-in bookcases, arched doorways, windows, or doors are brown, you can use a wall paint colour that creates a contrasting appearance. It is one of the best practices in house painting projects.

Choosing between warm or cool wall paint colours

If you want to make your surroundings look cozier, warm colours will suit your needs. This kind of wall paint colour typically uses shades of red, orange, yellow, and other bright colours. On the other hand, cool colours such as blue, green, and violet can make your room look an airy and relaxing sight. You can check more on warm and cool colours here.

Considering the use of neutral colours

Using complementary neutral colours can be your best option. Its popularity was frequently used in most house painting projects. Neutral wall paint colour such as white, grays, beiges, and black usually brings your interior and exterior wall paint simple yet classy looks.

Finding your best personal colour preferences

Of course, choosing your personal colour preference can affect your mood, behavior, and self-confidence. Use a wall paint colour that will make you more comfortable and happier. Feel free to choose what you want and achieve your desired dream interior layout design.

Seeking a wall paint colour inspiration

Look for your interior or exterior wall paint colour inspiration. You can follow the trends to transform your outdated layouts into modern ones. Magazines, catalogs, or even on the internet platforms, can provide you a variety of inspiring ideas. Never mind the 100% originality, you can just find inspiration from there, then play up your creative mind for mix-and-match. 

Annually, Benjamin Moore presents Colour Trends for the year. These are colour palettes curated by experts.

The Colour Trends 2019 Palette by Benjamin Moore, for wall paint colours inspirations
Inspirations for your wall paint colours from The Colour Trends 2019 Palette by Benjamin Moore
The Colour Trends 2020 Palette by Benjamin Moore, for wall paint colours inspirations
Wall paint colour inspirations from The Colour Trends 2020 Palette by Benjamin Moore
The Colour Trends 2021 Palette by Benjamin Moore, for wall paint colours inspirations
Inspirations for your wall paint colours from The Colour Trends 2021 Palette by Benjamin Moore

Aside from the exterior wall, you can also apply these to your bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, ceilings, and other targeted areas you wish to revamp. Use high-quality and long-lasting paint. Lastly, it is advisable to hire a professional painting contractor for the actual painting job.

Hire a professional painting contractor

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