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Garage Door Painting – Step-by-Step Guide

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Guide for Garage Door Painting

Figuring out how to do the garage door painting, with its entirety points and boards, may look challenging. Be that as it may, with a systematic methodology, you’ll have it done in a day!

List of tools and materials needed in garage door painting

Rubber hand gloves

Protective dust mask

Safety eye goggles

3/4 inch paint roller

Wire brush

Latex exterior paint

Latex exterior primer

Painters tape

Drop cloth

Cloth rag

Fine grit sandpaper


All-purpose cleaner

Garden hose

Step-By-Step Guide in Painting your Garage Door

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Step one: Starting your garage door painting project

Monitor the climate forecast the prior week you intend to begin. The ideal temperature for painting is somewhere between 50 and 75 degrees, with low air humidity and backhanded daylight. Pick three successive days that fit these measures as intently as could be expected. 

At that point, assemble your needed materials: Be sure to choose paint and prep coating (to advance adherence and solidness) suitable for your specific garage door painting project. Most are currently made of aluminum. However, if you have a more established home, yours might be wooden. 

If you have any concerns about what to buy, ask the specialists at your local paint store. A gallon of paint should be above and beyond for a car-sized garage door in addition to saving the piece. Yet, remember to put a lighter tone over a darker one may require more than one coat.

Step two: Initial cleaning preparation

You are preparing the garage door to guarantee that the paint will go on effectively and adhere well. Put on your protective stuff (the rubber hand gloves, dust masks, and safety eye goggles), and afterward, eliminate any rusted or chipped spots by scouring with a wire brush.

Then, sand with fine-grit sandpapers to make a smooth base. Clean the whole surface with a sponge and all-purpose cleaner. When all dirt and grime are taken out, wash the garage door with a garden hose. Dry the surface with clean rags or towels, and afterward, let it air dry for at any rate 60 minutes.

Step three: Painter’s tape application

Use heavy-duty painters to mask any handles, locks, and windows to avoid paint going in where you do not want it. If you’re not going to paint the trim, tap it; if you’re going to make the trim, tap off the garage edges. Protect the driveway and the garage by putting in and out of the door a cloth.

Step four: Adjusting your garage door

You are stooping while at the same time painting is attracting spinal pain! For more straightforward moving, withdraw the electric opening system so you can move the entryway physically; at that point, raise the garage door so the base is at a comfortable height.

Step five: Priming your garage door

  • Prime them with a quality 2-inch nylon bristle paintbrush if your garage doors have inset panels. Destroy any surplus in the so-called “styles” areas that may have cracked outside the panels. This ensures that it is super smooth.
  • Next, use the paint or 3⁄4-inch roller to prepare the styles. Make sure you are also in the middle of the horizontal panels.
  • Take the door down and stand for the top part on a step stub or ladder.
  • Make the last trim.
  • Allow at least 12 hours of prime dry.

Step six: Painting your garage door

Use a quality exterior painting product to the garage door utilizing a similar technique as depicted for preparing: base to top, beginning with the inner boards and working outward to the stiles.

Step seven: Second coat application

And now, venture back to review your work: If the surface has all covered, you’re done! If there are lopsided fixes or spots where the old shading appears on the other side, apply a subsequent coat—just let the first dry for, at any rate, 12 hours before beginning. When done, carefully remove the tape and let the paint dry for the time being before opening the garage door. 

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You’ll like your decent as-newly painted garage door, thus will your neighbours. To the extent of another vehicle to go with it, well, that is up to you! 

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