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Impact of Paint Fumes on Health


If you think house painting works are the safest home pro job, well, you are wrong. House painters are too vulnerable to the hazardous smell coming from the wall paints. If you have ever tried to do the house painting works by yourself, you’d sure agree on this.

More often than not, painters find ways to breathe easily despite smelling the odd smell of paint fumes. Depending on the paint types and brand, some paints odor is too strong to handle.

In this blog post, I hope to share with you experience-based guidance relating to paint fumes and health. And notes on protecting ourselves during the house painting works—either as a contracted house painter or as homeowner-clientele. You may read more helpful posts from us here.

What are paint fumes?

A strong smell coming from the wall paints called paint fumes. The traditional paints mostly used in house painting work often contain volatile organic compounds or also known as VOC. This kind of chemical has a mixture of combined ethanol, acetone, xylene, toluene, methyl chloride, and other substances. 

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Water-based paints are harmless and easy to use. Compared to solvent and oil-based, they usually produce an unpleasant odor. Additionally, exposure to paint fumes with harmful substances can irritate your unprotected nose, eyes, and skin.

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How do paint fumes affect your health?

Aside from irritations to your nose, skin, and eyes, it can also bring several dangers that can impact your health. Unprotected house painters or individuals can experience these symptoms including:

  • Dizziness or lightheadedness
  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Vision problems

VOC paint fumes produce toxic substances in the air. Sleeping in a freshly painted room is a big no. It may lead to suffocation and fainting.

Risk factors that affect health during house painting work

Numerous factors can provoke our health when we accidentally inhale the contaminated air. Pay attention to the following risk factors that are listed below:

  • Amount of chemical present
  • The length of time in exposure
  • Closed space surrounding
  • Existing medical condition
  • Respiratory issues like asthma
  • Age of a person
  • Pregnant women and indoor pets


House Painter Considerate of Your Health

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