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Paint Disposal Tips: How to Properly Dispose of Old Paint


Tips on How to Properly Dispose of Old Paint

Leftover paints often produce hazardous chemicals that can harm health and the environment—the reason why paint disposal should be done responsibly. It is for the same reason that some local regulations restrict the disposal of paint cans. Usually, paints can cause chemical contamination in both soil and water. In terms of health issues, paint components can trigger respiratory problems when you inhale them and cause skin irritation. These toxic types, such as oil-based and latex paints, are essential to throwing them away correctly.

We all know that safety plays an essential role in everyday living, especially for our children and pets who are not fully aware of dangerous things. Keep in mind that being responsible can save lives. Merely irresponsible dumping of toxic materials can have a deterrent effect on anyone. This blog post will give you some useful tips on responsible paint disposal.

excess paint disposal tips
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3 Alternative Ways on How to Properly Dispose of Old Paint

Pro tip: Before you dispose of them, ensure their quantity of leftovers and determine the paint type, whether it’s water or oil-based paint.

1. Recycling the leftover paints

Instead of throwing them away, the most common alternative is recycling leftover paints for the next house painting project. Make sure the lid has been closed tightly to avoid a film developing in the can.

2. Donating the leftover paints to the charities

Many organizations need paint for their renovation or decorating projects. If you don’t want to store paints, donating them will be the best option for you. At least, you show some simple kindness to those who need it the most. You can give them to your family, relatives, friends, or co-workers who plan to do the home or room makeover. If you don’t have any, find some charities near you such as:

  • Community service organizations
  • Entertainment clubs
  • Local social welfare groups
  • Construction companies
  • Renovation or painting services
  • Children or homeless charities

3. Drying the leftover paints all up completely

If you want to put them into the garbage, you should dry the residues first before throwing them away. Here’s the step-by-step on how to dry them completely.

Step 1: Mix it with cat litters. To speed up the drying process, mix it up with cat litters. If you don’t have any source, you can use newspaper, sand, sawdust, or soil as an effective alternative. If you have a large volume of excess paints, buy some paint hardeners.

Step 2: Drying process. You can place them under direct sunlight. Leave the leftover paint can that contains mixed foreign materials in a couple of hours.

Step 3: Trashing them off. Throw the dried leftover paint in a secured trash bin where children or pets cannot reach them. Remove the lid from the can before throwing.

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Final thoughts

So by the next time you thought of How to Properly Dispose of Old Paint, visit this blog in our Website. You can avoid excess paint for the next renovation or house painting projects. The next time you purchase paint products, make a reasonable estimation of what size or quantity to choose before buying them.